The Space, The Clients, The Experience…

I wanted to take a moment here to thank each and everyone of you for all of your efforts recently to take the time needed to help us undergo the transition to our new structure. We know that this is a work in progress and we hope in the coming months you see all the benefits that we see as we built this in the background.

Our goal of this transition is simply broken down into the following statement. “We want to provide a higher level of service to our clients by utilizing efficient technology and efficient cost structures.”  We believe that is what we have done. We invested heavily into our new office space downtown to provide the comfort we believe should come along with our entire process. We are investing heavily into our new RIA structure. Leaving the comfort of LPL has had us push our boundaries and learn so much in the past few months. We are aiming to combine these two physical efforts into an overall greater client experience.

Those of you that have made it down for any of our client events or the Christmas Party have seen how beautiful the space is and how we are looking forward to engaging with our clients in this way. We are looking to change the culture of financial advising. We want your financial journey to be important to you, just as important as attending your annual physical, going to the dentist, or changing your car’s oil. It all needs to be done. How much are you willing to dedicate towards your financial needs? We’re here to make sense of everything for you, we just need you to dedicate some time.

To wrap up and reflect, I recently attended a dinner which featured a former decorated Navy Seal and CIA Operator and now personal life coach David Rutherford. At this dinner of about 15 financial advisors we spoke openly about pushing personal pain barriers and overcoming fear. One key take away was if you feel uncomfortable it may not be a bad thing and you can turn that into growth. Break down what you need into manageable tasks and check those boxes until you’ve completed your goals. If you feel uncomfortable about your financial journey please reach out to us, let us break down those fears and implement a plan to grow and overcome.