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The Sgroi Wealth Family Approach

Providing the Best Portfolio Management with a Personal Touch that CANNOT be Matched

We Have More Than 115+ Combined Years of Industry Experience

Knowing that we’re looking out for your best interests can help you sleep better at night. We as advisors aren’t just here to sell you products or services; we’re here to help you make and develop a long-term plan for achieving your life goals. Our years of experience should not be discounted in this important process.

Satisfied Families

The Special Sauce

Our Firms Main Priorities in Our Offerings To You as an Investor

Quality Services

Combining the latest technology and tradition ways of investing we provide a comprehensive, intelligent, and receptive services.

Planning & Strategy

Extensive research to obtain the correct data for each financial need is essential. Calculated moves and longterm goals are how we achieve this.

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Clients Satisfaction

Our clients are happy and feel secure in their financial futures. Assessing their feedback is a priority for us.

Independent Staff

Our advisors are available to you as needed, behind the scenes we are tirelessly working as a team to achieve the best results we can.