Estate & Legacy Planning

sgroi family

We have been working with families for generations and it has become abundantly clear that you need to have your “Estate” in order for all scenarios in life. People may get caught up with the word “Estate” because that implies a large amount of wealth but this applies to all families with multiple generations. We sit down with you and make recommendations to organize your finances for a time when you might not be there. Get the piece of mind of getting your family assets organized in advance.

With our decades of experience it has given us the ability to understand key wealth transfer strategies that can reduce the friction with a wealth transfer and implement a strategy so that your beneficiaries receive exactly what you want them to.

If you are not leaving your assets behind to individuals we can help generate a plan on how you can gift those assets to a cause of your choice. This can avoid a lengthy process when you pass so that the funds are received by your elected cause in a timely and efficient manner.

If you want your current investments to be working for a greater cause we can implement a plan for you to give to a charitable cause during your lifetime while your money is still at work.

If you have significant assets in a trust we provide investment management services and financial planning for your trust and estate. We are not lawyers but we do have partnerships with attorneys that we trust to make recommendations to you for the formation of a trust as well.